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By P. A. Bastenie

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This theory explains most of the known aspects of first immuno-tolerance. The break-down of tolerance may result either from a defect in the immunological system or from an alteration of the autoantigens, making them capable 44 THYROIDITIS of stimulating a normal immunological system. These two mechanisms are not mutually exclusive and, indeed, may play associated roles. The mechanisms currently thought to play some part in the aetiology of autoimmunity are : (A) Escape of normal tolerance to autoantigens : (1) immune cross-reaction; (2) denatured antigens; (3) hidden antigens (this is, in fact, not a case of tolerance because the antigens are unknown to the immunizing system).

Staff Meeting, Mayo Clinic 39, 586 (1964). 197. STERLING, K. and BRENNER, M. , Free thyroxine in human serum: simplified measurement with the aid of magnesium precipitation, / . din. Invest. 45, 153 (1966). 198. , BELLABARBA, D . , NEWMAN, E. S. and BRENNER, M. , The determination of tri- iodothyronine concentration in human serum, / . din. Invest. 48, 1150 (1969). STEWART, R. D . H . and MURRAY, I. P. C , An evaluation of the perchlorate test, / . din. , 26, 1050 (1966). STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF THE NORMAL THYROID GLAND 37 199.

12. Behaviour of the specific activity (SA) of plasma PBI and of the organic iodine discharged in blood after TSH stimulation (10 units), as a function of the time from administration of radioiodine. 1. ) Urinary 1 2 5 I excretion (% dose/day) 0-189 ± 0-115 +0-205 ± 0-092 0-148 ± 0-068 (b) +0-433 ± 0-228(c) Thyroid 1 3 1 I (%dose) 49-6 ± 7-8 -2-49 ± 1-78 (a) ji3i a n ( j ji25 w e r e administered simultaneously 7 days before the TSH injection. (b) Mean of 3-day collections before the injection of TSH.

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