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He was a distinguished practitioner, was appointed Chief Physician and professor at the Madrasa al-Dahhwariyya in 637/ 1239, and at his own expense had the Nilri Hospital in Damascus rebuilt, enlarged, nnd supplied with running water. See IAU, ii. 244 f. , 259-63; Gregorius Abul-Faraj , Barhebraeus, Tarikh Muhhtafar al-Duwal, ed. ani, Bcyrouth 1890, 48o. ammad ibn Ibrahim; his father was a Hispano- Moorish Muslim who came to Damascus and settled there. He acquired Huch an intimate knowledge of the first part of Ibn Sina's J>,anun, con- lllining the general principles (kulliyydt) of medicine, that he finally knew iL by heart and received the surname al-Kulli.

3 On th e several names of the Prophet, see I bn Sa 'd, i/1. Vfa'tid, i. zof. • This has always been the thesis of Muslim orthodoxy, and the fact that the Koran defies imitation, a claim already put forward in the Holy Book itself (sura li. Z3 ; x. 38; xi. 13; xvii. 88; xxviii. 49; Iii. 34), is regarded as the greatest miracle and the fi nal proof of the veracity of the Prophet. See Luciani, 297-302; A. P. 1934, 14z-s; Hlicglecker, §§ 661-90. ; Jeffery, 348, 386. The differentiation between common people 56 THEOLO GUS AUTODIDACTUS OF IB N AL-NAFIS Fa<;lil ibn Nati~ says : When, in his lifetime, the so-called Kamil had come near to the end of his full manly vigour, he reflected on the attributes of the Creator which this prophet ought to teach.

On account of the abundant smoke the air will become hazy and opaque, and in consequence of this the soil there will lose many of its earthy and watery parts and its substance will be very much reduced, so that the soil in the regions near the poles will become very heavy in comparison. Therefore great parts of the surface of the earth will break down, the mountains and will collapse and become flat, and water will become very scarce, as it will flow near to the equator on account of the subsidence there, and will evaporate by the power of the heat.

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