Franz Pfeiffer, Susanna Winkworth's Theologia Germanica PDF

By Franz Pfeiffer, Susanna Winkworth

Theologia Deutsch, Der Franckforter
Theologia Germanica: which setteth forth many reasonable lineaments of divine fact, and saith very lofty and gorgeous issues touching an ideal life.
Edited through Dr. Pfeiffer from the single whole manuscript but identified. Translated from the German through Susanna Winkworth. With a preface via the Rev. Charles Kingsley, and a letter to the translator by means of the Chevalier Bunsen, and an creation via Professor Calvin E. Stowe.

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Scholem, Major Trends in Jew ish Mysticism, 4, quoting Jones's introduction to Studies in Mysti­ cal Religion (1909), xv. 86. , 5lf. 87. In regard to the scholar ly perception of theurgy and unio mystica within Judaism, of course, m uch has been reconfigured since Scholem. Against a prevailing te n dency to accept Scholem's strate­ gic diagn o s i s of mysti cal union as absent from Jewish mysticism, Moshe Ide) has defen ded the ide a that concepts of unio mystica are important to Judaism, too, often expressed in metaphors similar to those of Christian mysticism.

Th e second part, which contains th e orationes speciales, i s subdivided like the first. It lays out all there is to know for the acquisition of total knowledge. The transition from the first part occurs on fol. Sva. 23 After presenting the different arts of which the Ars notoria allows mastery, following a logical order, the trea­ trivium (grammar, rhetoric, and tise turns its attention to the arts making up the logic/ dialectic). 31 For each art, the text, and especially the gloss, provides lengthy details about the conditions under which the figures should be examined.

For further description of the features of the two versions, see chapter 5 in this volume. We have also found several variants of a late, nonauthorial redaction, and a few manuscripts in which a few of John's prayers have been extracted and repurposed. For an account of one of these, see Claire Fanger and B. org/. 19. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Liturg. 160. 20. The text was first noticed by Carlos Gilly, who reports on it stra's chapter in this volume for a bibliography and a himself. in a 2002 article; see Veen­ summar y of the little that is known of Ganell 11.

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