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By W. H. Sebrell and Robert S. Harris (Eds.)

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8 A. J. Haagen-Smit, A. G. R. Strickland, C. E. P. Jeffreys, and J. G. Kirchner, Food Research 11, 142 (1946). 9 T. A. Loomis, R. S. Hubbard, and E. Neter, Proc. Soc. Exptl. Biol. Med. 47, 159 (1941). 2 28 P-AMINOBENZOIC ACID bound PABA. The conjugated form was thought to be a peptide involving the arylamino group, since diazotization was found to occur only after autolysis. 10- n This conjugate is believed to consist of one PABA moiety associated with ten or eleven glutamic acid residues and one other acidic amino acid.

Bacteriol. 50, 69 (1940). 17 22 P-AMINOBENZOIC ACID by MacLeod26 in a survey of a wide variety of substances of animal and bacterial origin. "Sulfonamide inhibitor ,, is found in many tissue extracts. The amount found is greatly increased by prior autolysis or acid hydrolysis. In certain species of bacteria the inhibitor is found in the cells only and is not demonstrable in the culture medium, whereas in other species the inhibitor is found in the culture supernatant, and the cells themselves are relatively free.

P. Sickels, and J. M. , Science 103, 667 (1946). 8 * G. M. , T. D. Luckey, R. C. Mills, C. A. Elvehjem, and E. B. Hart, Proc. Soc. Exptl. Biol Med. 62, 7 (1943). 86 F. S. Daft, Public Health Repts. ) 62, 1785 (1947). 87 F. Lipmann, N. O. Kaplan, G. D. Novelli, L. C. Tuttle, and B. M. Guirard, / . Biol. Chem. 186, 235 (1950). 88 L. D. Wright, K. H Beyer, H. R. Skeggs, H. F. Russo, and E. A. Patch, Am. J. Physiol. 145,633 (1946). 82 40 P-AMINOBENZOIC ACID or probably more correctly folinic acid, as recently reviewed by Shive,89 is concerned with purine synthesis.

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