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By Charles H. Kahn

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This ebook deals a scientific description of the use and grammar of the verb 'to be' in historic Greek, sooner than the philosophers took it over to precise the imperative recommendations in Greek good judgment and metaphysics. The proof is taken essentially from Homer, yet supplemented via specimens from classical Attic prose. issues mentioned comprise the unique prestige of the verb in Indo-European, in addition to the logical and syntactic family between copula, existential, and veridical makes use of.

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C. in response to sceptical doubts. This evidence from early Greek literature indicates that such general assertions and denials of existence do not arise inevitably or spontaneously in ordinary discourse. They are a product of enlightened speculation; they arise as a challenge to traditional belief and originally concern only the gods and mythological creatures. The centrality of more general questions of existence in modem philosophy might well be regarded as a historical eccentricity, due to the radical influence of scepticism (for Descartes and his followers) and the resulting dominance of epistemology in the postCartesian tradition.

212-36 . De Rijk, L M. (2002), Aristotle, Semantics and Ontology, vol. 1, Leiden: Brill. Hintikka, J. (1986), "The Varieties of Being in Aristotle," in Knuuttila and Hintikka (1986), 81-114. Jacobi, K. (1986) "Peter Abelard's Investigations into the Meaning and Functions of the Speech Sign 'Est'," in Knuuttila and Hintikka (1986),145-80. Kahn, C. H. (1976), "Why Existence does not Emerge as a Distinct Concept in Greek Philosophy," Archiv fUr Geschichte tier Philosophie 58, 323-34. Kahn, C. H. (2002), "Parmenides and Plato," in V.

25. § 26. §27. with adjective as compound verb operator: of\A6t; (cpuvep6t;) dJlt+participle. Cop A and cop N construction with sentential subjects (§§6 and 10) belong here as compound sentence operators (dJl{+adjectivefnoun+infinitival clause). Sentences 93-94. Copula constructions with adverbial "predicate" (cop adv). The use of personal subjects with adverbs meaning "silent", "in silence" seems to reflect a concrete sense of the verb: to stand, remain, persist in a certain state or condition.

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