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By Andrew MacDonald, William Pierce

ISBN-10: 1569800863

ISBN-13: 9781569800867

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ISBN: 1569800863
EAN: 9781569800867
ASIN: 1569800863
Publisher: Barricade Books
Publication Date: 1978-01-01
Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books, Goodreads

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At 9:02 am on Wednesday April 19, 1995, hundreds explosives ripped aside the federal workplace development in Oklahoma urban and the psyche of the United States. The worst case of family terrorism in our background, this explosion killed 169 males, ladies, and kids. the writer of this publication has written, If [this booklet] have been on hand to most of the people . . . the Oklahoma bombing should not have come as any such shock. it's been thought of by means of the Justice division and different executive businesses because the bible of right-wing defense force teams, and the FBI believes it supplied the blueprint for the Oklahoma urban bombing. Barricade Books has released it so the USA can greater comprehend the reason for racism and extremism.

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Author Name: Andrew MacDonald

Author Description: Andrew MacDonald is the nom de plume of William Luther Pierce.

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6 Ignatieff’s perspectives are entirely sound. 7 27 28 FATAL FUTURE? The term race has also been used either synonymously or in combination with the term ethnicity, as in the use of the compound term ethnic race. Rather, the term race should apply to physical characteristics, usually in combination—such as blond hair and fair complexion— which are inherited, rather than chosen. These physical characteristics tell us about parts of a person’s appearance, which are readily observable, or about aspects of a person’s physiological makeup, which may or may not be readily visible.

Tribalization, on the other hand, is the fragmentation of nation-state populations along relatively narrow ethnic, religious, or other such “tribal” lines. In his provocative and highly influential book, Jihad vs. McWorld, Benjamin R. Barber argues convincingly that civilization is being reshaped not by globalization or tribalization alone, but by both. As Barber puts it, . . our world and our lives are caught between what William Butler Yeats called the two eternities of race and soul: that of race reflecting the tribal past, that of soul anticipating the cosmopolitan future.

One may only speculate as to whether the disintegration of Europe’s borders will be accompanied by an equivalent increase in trust and cooperation among those best equipped to counter transnational terrorists—that is, Europe’s national intelligence agencies. If cooperation continues to increase, then the maturation of the EU will greatly enhance Europe’s ability to deal with TTOs operating on that continent. Travel across the borders separating Canada, the United States, and Mexico—still relatively easy—also satisfies the mobility requirements of transnational terrorists and simplifies their task of obtaining access to large areas of nation-state territory.

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