Mary Reed Mccall's The Sweetest Sin PDF

By Mary Reed Mccall

ISBN-10: 0060098120

ISBN-13: 9780060098124

ISBN-10: 0061439436

ISBN-13: 9780061439438

Years after being bought to the English via his enemies the MacDonells and imprisoned in London Tower, Duncan MacRae returns to Scotland to designated his revenge and to reclaim what's rightfully his—the famed protecting amulet, the Ealach.

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But then thoughts of her kinship to Morgana doused the flames in a shower of ice. THE SWEETEST SIN 43 Facing her again, he issued the order to leave. He forced himself to remain impervious to the wrenching loss painted across her delicate features, trying to ignore the worry so obvious in Robert’s eyes. It was what they’d agreed to, damn it. And there wasn’t another instant to waste. It was time to go. “Come. ” Aileana fixed her grief-stricken face forward, refusing to meet his gaze. As he took her arm and led her through the door, Duncan closed his ears to the soft sounds she made as she clearly struggled to hold back tears.

Her hands tightened to fists. The insolent wretch thought nothing of defiling everything he touched. “You and your kind might favor the habits of beasts, Duncan MacRae, but my clan does not,” she snapped from across the hall. ” “It is all right, Aileana. ” Gasping, Aileana swiveled in the direction of the voice; a shock of relief thrilled to the ends of her toes. Robert! Both of her brothers lived. With a stifled cry she ran to him. “You’re safe! But where’s Gavin? I worried that you might be on the field like Father .

Kinnon rode hell-bent into the glen, his horse sweating and panting. He pulled the stallion to a halt and swung to the ground, calling out, “Gavin MacDonell’s been taken at Connor’s Crossing. ” Gavin MacDonell. The name cut through Duncan’s heart with the swiftness of a sharpened blade. Behind it rose the choking hatred so familiar to him now. Having revenge on that deceptive whelp would be almost as fulfilling as it would have been to see Morgana’s head on a pike. Gavin MacDonell had been his sister’s willing supporter in the attack that had taken Mairi’s life, and Duncan wouldn’t pass up the chance to see him pay for it.

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