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Either amateur and complex skywatchers will price this complete and easy-to-use consultant to the intense and ever-changing points of interest of the southern sky by means of evening. Readers are brought to the various and sundry gadgets within the sky and their hobbies and altering appearances, in addition to the traditional myths and legends entwined round the groupings of stars. Featured during this booklet are teams of sky charts, designed in order that readers can circulation simply among them. The 24 skyviews exhibit the looks of the complete evening sky each weeks (or at every one hour of sidereal time). The 20 sky charts exhibit specific parts of the evening sky intimately and are followed through explanatory textual content. This re-creation additionally gains: • digitally re-drawn skyviews, sky charts and map of the skin of the Moon • a desk of planet positions as much as 2017

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In the Argo the ancient Greek hero Jason and his band of 50 ‘argonauts’ rowed and sailed west­ward into the Black Sea in quest of the magical Golden Fleece in the century before the Trojan War. The ram from which the fleece came is rep­re­sented else­where in the sky by the zodiac sign Aries. Perhaps because it took up so much of the sky, Argo is broken down into four con­stel­la­tions on modern maps; the roughly rec­tan­gu­lar Carina the Keel, the mis­sha­pen pen­ta­gon of Vela the Sail, another rec­tan­gle of stars marking Puppis the Poop, and Pyxis the Mariner’s Compass, which is hard to find.

Sagittarius and Scorpius con­tinue their fall down the western sky. indd 44 7/5/08 11:32:03 AM Skyview 23 9 pm, October: weeks three and four Sidereal time 2300 SOUTH 12 h A VEL CENTAURUS CRU X Mim INA CAR PIS UP P osa Acru OL A Rig SA no AD O R M LU TUCANA VO PA NIX OE ERIDANUS PH SCULPTOR PISCIS AUSTRINUS IUM COP US Fomalhaut CET CO PRI RN S PEN SER DA CAU US U AR EAST S GRU ROS MIC CA 5 12 AQ Rigel LEPU r rna he Ac S E CA A DU S IN NAX A AR NS UM FOR RM CO PI C AU ORON STR A ALI S SAGITTARIUS SCUTUM OPHIUCHUS WEST 11 6 R TO UA EQ Mira O US OCTA S HYDRU N IN S ES EL T 1 M IU G LO RO HO UM UL IC RE T RC APU South Pole res IU S DO CI SC OR P An ta L CO BA UM Ca ent LUM NGU E TRIA USTRAL A PIC MEN S el K CHAMAELEON TO R RU ar A pu s AU NT Had MUSCA NS V CE x 2 3 LU PU S LI BR 10 4 IU Al ta SA LA UI ir UU A TT GI LP HI NU S ECLIPTIC S CE LE US 14 S PI PEGASUS AR IE S AQ EQ DE TA U RU S S VU LP EC 19 UL A 13 20 LY R UM UL A CY I GN TR US 5 4 3 2 LACERTA Den 1 0 EDA ROM AND eb Magnitudes G AN 12h brighter NORTH In the north-west, the Winter Triangle has begun to set, with Vega in Lyra the Harp first to go.

Orion himself, with the well-known ‘saucepan’ and the bright stars Rigel and Betelgeuse, is high in the north-west sky, along with the Great Dog Sirius marking its heart. East of Gemini, one of the zodiac signs, lie the faint stars of Cancer the Crab, then the brighter stars of Leo the Lion, includ­ ing Regulus, and lastly the early stars of Virgo, now rising due east. At the western end of the visible segment of the zodiac lie some of the stars of Pisces and Aries. indd 29 7/5/08 11:31:42 AM Skyview 8 9 pm, March: weeks one and two Sidereal time 0800 SOUTH INDU ARA S 4 PAVO GR US A OR M N TUC US IN Ha VOLANS RE TIC RA HYD CARINA IS XIS CORVUS HO UM PP PY EAST PU ANTLIA Spica 9 LA VE XT AN S VIRGO UL RO LO G ra Adha IU M n N SE CAN e CRA TER ar MENSA AU NT CE R US rn CHAMAELEON CR A U X M cru im x os a s us A DR yon ge RA LIB M he pu OS Proc O ra Hy TIC RI ba O de Al LIP R USC A RUS Ca no 7 ER EC ig HYD South Pole R el OC 8 HY 17 IS M ad INOR s ulu g Re es ei Pl O TA U ad BE COM RE NI A CE S Ac 3 da r O COLUMBA Rig ON tel t CT DO PI RA DO LU M LEPUS C M ANI AJ S OR Si riu s M Be en 1 CA E ERID ANU S R el K X Mira UA TO RC EN I S EQ CI ANA OCTANS PH O R FO NA X CETU WEST 6 S PU LU APUS TRIAN GUL AUST UM RALE 0h SC UL PT OR 5 2 LE es RU S RS PE Pollux GEM 14 S EU INI Castor 16 ER CANC 12h 15 AU LEO RIG Ca pe lla A LYNX 4 3 2 1 0 OR AJ AM S UR Magnitudes 5 OR MIN brighter NORTH The spec­tac­u­lar Pleiades are about to set in the north-west, with the rest of Taurus the Bull fol­low­ing them down.

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