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However, examining the passages in Revelation 20, it's clear that a distinct time period is to be understood. " This thousand-year reign of Christ is clearly a distinct time on the calendar. It has a beginning and end, and specified events within this time period. Besides all the things we have so far listed about the kingdom reign of the Messiah, there is one promise concerning the land of Egypt that is startling. Isaiah 19:1625 predicts that Egypt, as well as the people of Assyria, will be blessed during the kingdom reign of Christ.

There are more books of the Bible dedicated purely to prophecy than any other single subject. There are exhaustive chapters dedicated to a prophetic theme and the return of the Messiah. The major chapters of the New Testament and the gospels are very definitely prophetic and deal emphatically with this subject. " The arguments seem to be over whether the Bible means what it literally says. And this book takes the position that it does. This book represents an attempt to clearly set down the details of the second coming of Jesus Christ precisely as described in the Scriptures.

He will be released following the thousand-year millennium reign of the Messiah in which he will deceive the nations again, vs. 3; vs. 7. 4. He will again promote an international spiritual deception of the nations. He will rally some of the ancient ancestors of Israel's earlier enemies, Gog and Magog, vs. 8. 5. Satan will march on Jerusalem, capital of the Messiah, but his insurrection will be stopped immediately, vs. 9. 6. Satan will be cast into a place of confinement and torment for eternity, vs.

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