The Savage Frontier Fr5 (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons : by Paul Jaquays PDF

By Paul Jaquays

ISBN-10: 0880385936

ISBN-13: 9780880385930

The Savage Frontier is now totally distinct on your roleplaying crusade. The cultures, personalities, economics, towns, cities, and wasteland are defined for an AD&D crusade of any measurement or point. From the barbarian tribes of the some distance north to the interesting land the place adventures are available anyplace.

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2. Seven Sails Inn 3. The Cutlass (a notorious tavern) 4. Captains’ Court (government palace) 5. Taerl’s fortress (residence) 6. Suljack’s lodge (residence) 7. Baram’s palace (residence) 8. Kurth Tower (residence) 9. Ten Oaks (Rethnor’s residence) 10. Winter Palace (Temple of Auril) 11. Hall of Warriors (Temple of Tempus) 12. Temple of Red Sails (Umberlee) 13. Red Dragon Trading Lodge & Warehouses 15. Mirabar District. ) by Mirabar mercantile companies. 16. Whitesails Harbor. Busy port used primarily by foreign craft, which are not allowed to use Dragon Beach.

Northmen have lived here in tiny communities for centuries and the beaches are littered with the bones of countless whales (though many are used to construct sod longhouses). LOST LANDS, STRONGHOLDS, & RUINS “2 Eleint. Once more, we are on the road. ’s ‘research’ trips). One morning we just woke up out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by piles of junk, most of which I am now carrying. A. says we are about 70 miles east of Waterdeep, near some place called The House of Stone. ” Lost Lands Though it has never been densely populated, the North has seen numerous realms rise to power, then disappear into the mists of history, their deeds the stuff of legends, their ruins the seedbeds of adventure!

Many Ice Peak folk search for the lost lair of Freezefire, a great white dragon whose last recorded flight took place centuries ago. Aurilssbarg: Like many Northmen communities, Aurilssbarg boasts “corduroy” streets made of logs laid side by side. The city is the trading post for oth- er communities on the island, who buy supplies and sell skins, oil, scrimshaw and smoked fish here. Aurilssbarg is the only port with a bona fide harbor capable of serving large vessels. Luskan monopolizes their colony’s trade —their ships are the only ones that may dock here.

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