The radiochemistry of radium by H W Kirby; Murrell Leon Salutsky; U.S. Atomic Energy PDF

By H W Kirby; Murrell Leon Salutsky; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

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Ends and lever handle, obtained from the Lunkenheimer Co. , in which the tightness is maintained by means of a spring. stopcock lubricant. Apiezon N is a satisfactory Neoprene gaskets are used for the gastight seals, and fiber washers are used to protect the outside of the Lucite insulator from direct contact with metallic surfaces. Four bolts, evenly spaced aroung the top, hold the chamber together with sufficient pressure on the baskets. The body of the chamber is made of brass, silver-soldered together.

Schematic diagram showing separation and determination of radon. O~; M, open *rcury manometer; I, ion-counting chamber; Tlto T, , stopcocks. 9+ Procedure 3 Emanation Method for Radium Analysis78 Principle Radon-222 is flushed out of a radium-containing solution and counted to estimate the amount of radium present. Apparatus The emnation apparatus (Fig. 9) consists of a 250-ml boiling flask, A; water-cooled reflux condenser, B; cold trap, C; uercury manometer, D; spray filter, E; and connections at M, F, and K for vacuum pump, ionization chamber, and argon tank, respectively.

Evaporate the solution Slowly raise the temperature until the residual NH4N03 has been sublimed. plate to red heat to bum Heat the off the organic matter. The active deposit remains as a uniform and adherent thin coating. VI. 2 1. Sampling and Determination of Radon (Harley, et al)83 45 2. Emanation Method fo Determination of Radium (Curtiss and Davis) 55 53 Method for RiidiumAnalysis (Fineman, et al) 78 3. Emnation 4. Indirect Determination of Radium-224 in Urine (Harley, et al)83’ 65 5. Dete~ination 72 6.

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The radiochemistry of radium by H W Kirby; Murrell Leon Salutsky; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission

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