Anita Kraft's The Qabalah Workbook for Magicians: A Guide to the Sephiroth PDF

By Anita Kraft

ISBN-10: 1578635357

ISBN-13: 9781578635351

Foreword via Lon Milo DuQuette. The Qabalah Workbook for Magicians is the precise advisor for the working towards magician who desires a better knowing of Qabalah thoughts and perform. Created by way of Anita Kraft, one of many world’s most valuable Qabalist academics, this workbook academics readers how one can perform Qabalah utilizing tarot, vegetation, stones, perfumes, the zodiac, and different magical resources. Kraft express the best way to paintings in the course of the Sephiroth— the 10 attributes or emanations of Qabalah—for better realizing and illumination.

Drawing on occult works, together with these of Israel Regardie, Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, and Lon Milo DuQuette, in addition to dozens of Herbrew texts and manuscripts, the training magician can comprehend the Tree of lifestyles and different Qabalistic options. Kraft has spent greater than 20 years growing and perfecting a mode during which "Qabalah is experiential as is mysticism and magick. If all you do is learn, you're not a mystic, magician, or Qabalist. you want to do!" writes Kraft.

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For these, you can purchase plain white devotional candles in clear containers and wrap appropriately colored construction paper around the outside. I purchase all my candles for a dollar or two apiece at a local Catholic supply house. They have a variety of colored glass external holders, plus clear ones that look great with a piece of construction paper wrapped around them. You'll find that candle inserts burn for an extremely long period and are very economical. RECOMMENDED ALTAR ITEMS In addition to the items required for your altar, the following items are recommended for inclusion on your altar as well.

I'm as Western as they come. ” I turned my attention to what the West might have to offer, and began my search for “Western software”—a Western equivalent to the Tao, a Western equivalent to Zen—and I more or less found what I was looking for in the Qabalah. 3 Encouraged by my older brother, Marc, I had joined the Order in the early 1970s in hopes it would give me something spiritual and wholesome to occupy my nervous energy as I transitioned from the recording artist's life of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll to the docility of a domesticated husband and father.

This, I concluded with youthful certainty, was what Eastern mystics were shooting for. This level of consciousness is the profound “nothingness” of Nirvana—the wall-to-wall totality of Samadhi. All I had to do was “strip down” to my most naked me—and when I got there, my “I-ness” would disappear into the big “whatever-it-is-ness” of the Supreme Consciousness. But alas, I was a very poor meditator. Oh, I could look like a pretty good meditator. 2 My skill in pranayama was admirable, and I could hold the clear image of a working pendulum clock in my mind's eye for eternal micro-seconds at a time.

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