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Well, I do not know if the this gadget is simpler, but it eliminates one problem that has always bothered me, namely the randomness factor. I know that the coins are not supposed to fall in a truly random manner, that the psychic function of the mind is supposed to control how they fall, but I must admit that I have never really felt comfortable with that. I prefer a greater degree of certainty and it was out of this preference that I created the board in this book. As you can see, it has three dials.

If the answer is negative, look up the hexagram in any translation of the I Ching. If, however, you receive a positive response, go around the moving line dial until you get a reaction. At that, mark the lines that are moving (you may get more than one) and follow the directions in the translation you are using. Usually, you are required to make a new hexagram with the moving lines changed as indicated, either from ying to yang or vice versa. VISUALIZATION BOARD Men of affairs are proud of their cunning and skills, But in the TAO they still have much to learn.

CHAKRA FUNCTION Base controls physical nervous system. Rarely used in psychic work. Pelvic controls all sexual response. Spleen controls vital energies and their distribution through the body. Solar Plexus controls emotional response as a receiver. Heart Chakra Transmits emotional response. (note, there is a difference in the type of emotions these chakras respond to. The Solar Plexus responds to the lower emotions, the heart to the higher. Throat Chakra receives messages that directly affect the physical nervous system, causing a muscular response.

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