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Homer. 583. 71. ) sees Enn. 12 as a reference to the position in the womb as a determining factor in the offspring’s features (cf. 44-5). 3. 72. cf. Enn. 12: hoi de en allêi khôrai pôs diaphoroi; On Brisson’s translation this passage is asking how different lands (khôra) help produce differences in children (cf. Plotinus’ implicit suggestion in VP 11 that climate can affect one’s bodily constitution even in later life). For another interpretation of this passage, see note immediately above. Note Igal suggests reading hôrai for khôrai here (see Henry and Schwyzer (1964-82) vol.

Suppl. gr. 635, Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale),81 which is extremely valuable in that it is our only source not only of the Ad Gaurum but also of Galen’s Introduction to Logic, yet it is also, regrettably, not entirely reliable. Preceding the 21 folios containing these two treatises were at least 88 folios82 of other material, including Galen’s On Marasmus, only the conclusion of which is preserved. 83 To make matters worse, the manuscript contains many abbreviations, not only tachygraphic ones with established meanings but also less conventional abbreviations that can be understood only in context.

Cf. Iamblichus de An. (Finamore and Dillon) §31. 20. 238,4ff. Kühn). T. , as she incorrectly suggests that Galen did not think fetuses moved by impulse. e. not voluntary) position of the muscle situated at the urinary channel is to keep the ureter closed, (ii) that fetuses already make use of voluntary activities involving impulse, and (iii) that when the completed animal chooses to urinate, its voluntary motion involves relaxing the naturally closed position of that muscle along with contracting the bladder around the liquid.

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