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There are no absolute rules in this realm, just a million possibilities and your common sense and imagination. We'll look at environmental possibilities that can shape the device's words (I include here everything in the physical world, starting with the messages of our own bodies). Then we'll explore in more detail the important role our attitudes, beliefs, expectations and hopes play in creating the replies. We'll even get to influences more subtle and ephemeral than hope, such as the confusion nonphysical entities may perpetrate in their attempts to communicate with us through the board.

One is a syrupy and half-literate book of trite and repetitious sermons supposedly delivered to the Ouija board by philosopher William James —a glance at James' articulate before-death writing will amply illustrate the hazards of suspending critical judgment of the board's fruits. Another more entertaining blunder is a book by psychic investigator Hester Travers Smith, appropriately called Oscar Wilde from Purgatory. "Spirits" of any description are a potential talking board hazard because they often appear at the board in such convincingly idiosyncratic and individual fashion, sometimes Oracular Hazards 63 offering verifiable facts we think we couldn't possibly have already known, that it's easy for us to accept their reality at its most concrete level, and from there believe everything they tell us as literally true also.

The son went to a cupboard across the room, opened it, and returned with a mug that fit the picture's description in every detail—the father's beer stein, of course. The friends considered their attempt a successful one. You and your partner may never again sit down at the board feeling sure that you are really alone. You may harbor the suspicion, after considering this welter of possible voices, that there is much more going on in and around you than the surface of your awareness reveals. If this is so, if you find yourself wondering what phase the moon is in as you begin a session, or you see your partner glancing over her shoulder from time to time as if she half-expects to catch a glimpse of the real author of the board's words, then I'm glad, because my aim in this chapter has been met.

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