The Octavo: A Sorcerer-Scientist's Grimoire by Peter J. Carroll PDF

By Peter J. Carroll

ISBN-10: 1906958173

ISBN-13: 9781906958176

Каждая вселенная потенциально имеет свой Верховный Гримуар, содержащий заклинания, определяющие её реальность и магию этой реальности. В этом октаво мы собрали различные секреты Верховного Гримуара Круглого Мира - вселенной, в которой вы находитесь. Источником вдохновения в некоторой степени послужил «Плоский Мир» Терри Пратчетта и в большей степени - теоретическая физика и практическая магия хаоса.

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This part can get a bit lengthy, depending on the desired objective. 32 The Octavo Banishing. This part does not actually get rid of anything; it just sets the magic free to do as the magician has specified. Decades of painstaking research have shown that the most effective practical magic involves all five of these procedures, despite that the literature and anecdotal history of the subject lies littered with occasional impressive or lucky results arising where shortcuts have occurred due to laziness, ignorance, or emergency circumstances.

The HD8 hypothesis suggests that all so called ‘force’ fields result from various types of spin in fundamental particles, but how could such fields; with both attractive and repulsive effects, arise from just spin? Consider the classic rubber sheet model of gravity again. If instead of placing two weights upon a rubber sheet we get 46 The Octavo hold of two points on its surface and twist them then the tension between those two points will increase. Imagine boring a hole through the elastic sheet, attaching a small rigid disc on each side of the disc and then tightening a bolt between them so that they grip the sheet firmly.

This ‘spin’ passes more or less unnoticed particularly as it does not have a visible axis of rotation. Yet it supplies sufficient centrifugal effect to exactly counter the centripetal effect of the small positive spacetime curvature. When applied to fundamental particles the same spell shows the precise relationship between their frequency and wavelength: By substituting the hyperspherical 3-volume 2L 3 /  , and the Spell of the Binding equation, GM 2GM = c 2 into W 2 = and then substituting and L VH W = 2  f, to remove the radians, we obtain the corollary: f = c/2L, the frequency equation.

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