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By Max Heindel, Augusta Foss Heindel

ISBN-10: 0911274103

ISBN-13: 9780911274103

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Message of the celebrities is an esoteric exposition of natal and clinical astrology, explaining the humanities of examining the horoscope and diagnosing disease.

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Publisher's Preface; half 1; Evolution As proven within the Zodiac; The degree Of Amenability To Planetary vibrations; half 2; have been You Born below A fortunate Star?; studying The Horoscope; The impression Of The Twelve symptoms whilst emerging; The Intrinsic Nature Of The Planets; half three; the kids Of The Twelve indicators; The solar, Giver Of existence; Venus The Planet of affection; half four; Mercury, The Planet Of cause; The Moon, The Planet Of Fecundation; Saturn, The Planet Of Sorrow; half five; Jupiter The Planet Of Benevolence; Mars The Planet Of motion; half 6; Planetary Octaves; Uranus, The Planet Of Altruism; half 7; Neptune, The Planet Of Divinity; The Doctrine Of Delineation In A Nutshell; brain And The Ruling Planet; Your success In existence; half eight; Marriage And Offspring; development Of The Horoscope; diversified tools Of development And the cause of Them; improved sunlight instructions; stepped forward Lunar instructions; half nine; Mutual Planetary instructions; Transits; Astrodiagnosis Of disorder; The legislations Of Correspondences; half 10; Thirtysix instance Horoscopes

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But the Sun is exalted in Aries, and when the great Sun spirit, Christ, came as High Priest of the Aryan religion, He abrogated sacrifice of others by offering up Himself as a perpetual sacrifice for sin. By looking to the mother ideal of Virgo during the Piscean Age, and following the Christ’s example of sacrificial service, the immaculate conception becomes an actual experience to each of us, and Christ, the Son of Man, Aquarius, is born within us. Thus, gradually, the third phase of the Aryan religion will be ushered in and a new ideal will be found in the Lion of Judah, Leo.

In the Icelandic “Eddas,” the Northern Vedas, Siegfried, the truth seeker, slays the serpent, tastes of its blood and then becomes wise. ” The serpent is certainly not 22 THE MESSAGE OF THE STARS sufficiently sagacious to warrant a literal meaning of this saying; but when we understand that when the creative fire is drawn upwards through the serpentine spinal cord it vibrates the pituitary body and the pineal gland, connecting the Ego with the invisible worlds by opening up a hidden sense, the allusion is perfectly clear.

The man or woman, however, who develops the Neptunian faculty, also has the answer of any question immediately and is able to PLANETARY VIBRATIONS 47 tell the reason why that answer is the proper and right one. The faculty of intuition built up from the Martial base of passion, through the Venusian stage of love, and the Uranian rays of compassion, depends upon the ability of the person involved to feel very intensely. By love and devotion, the heart is attuned to every other heart in the universe and in this way it knows and feels all that may be known and felt by any other heart in the universe, thus sharing the divine omniscience that binds Our Father in Heaven to His children and through the direct heart to heart touch with that omniscience the person obtains the answers to whatever problem is placed before him.

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