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By Marco Palmieri

ISBN-10: 0671028405

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ISBN-10: 0743456823

ISBN-13: 9780743456821

"One of the simplest novels on Deep area 9 is not a unique at all." -- Cinescape "Remarkably effective....A cadre of good technological know-how fiction tales....Easily one of many year's greater anthologies, and one of many least predictable." -- extraordinary tales "The Lives of Dax doesn't disappoint." -- Dreamwatch "Live The Lives of Dax and become aware of what being human is all about." -- Comics nook

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He was the one who had changed. And then that last word blazed in her mind like a general quarters siren. Changed. Her eyes widened in horror and because she was so young, so inexperienced, she said the one thing she should not say in this situation. The truth. ” she whispered in shock. “... you’re not Brinner. ” The hands of the man—the creature she caressed struck her own hands away from his face. The fragile bottle of samsit shattered in the violence of his action, and as if watching a slow-motion training simulation, Ezri saw in perfect, horrific detail how the laser-sharp shards of samsit crystal sliced into the thing’s palm, spraying dark droplets of blood.

Beneath unfamiliar stars and a single bloated moon. Her feet swelling from the stored daytime heat of the sand and gravel she had crossed, from the endless walking, from the ridiculously contorted shoes Julian had insisted she wear. It was enough to make a person say End program and go back to her quarters and— “No,” Ezri Dax said aloud. She was many things. Many to the power of nine, she thought. But she wasn’t a quitter. Well, Tobin was a bit of a quitter when it came to dealing with Raifi. And Audrid always believed she could have done more to save Jayvin.

Ezri paused, distracted by a sudden recollection of how Curzon had once had a similar conversation with Ben Sisko at Utopia Planitia. It was late at night, after Sisko’s shift was over. Curzon had added healthy dollops of Saurian brandy to the raktajino. “I hate raktajino,” Ezri said to Vic’s bafflement. But Jadzia had enjoyed the beverage. Which made Ezri remember one night when Jadzia and Sisko had been talking late at Quark’s, after Sisko’s shift was over. ” “Don’t tell me,” Vic said kindly.

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