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By Frank Webster, Kirstie Ball

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Our private and non-private lives are below surveillance as by no means earlier than. even if we're purchasing with a bank card, strolling down the road or emailing a colleague at paintings, our actions are monitored. Surveillance has turn into extra regimen, extra built-in and extra intrusive. it's important to invite how and why this could be so, and investigate what the implications are. considering that September eleventh 2001 surveillance has intensified additional. but even if contributors, teams, governments and states are extra heavily monitored, our defense isn't really guaranteed. The individuals to this quantity discover the big diversity of matters regarding elevated surveillance. what's going in a space clouded through secrecy from the nation and complacent reassurances from enterprises? How will we song suspects and wrestle crime with no additionally eroding our civil liberties and sacrificing our rights to privateness? Does digital tagging of prisoners paintings? What are shops as much as with 'lifestyle profiling'? concentrating on those and different concerns reminiscent of paedophilia, money-laundering, info battle, cybercrime, and similar laws, this e-book spotlights merits and prices of surveillance, and indicates the way it is probably going to strengthen sooner or later. specialists from Europe and the USA provide a world viewpoint on what's now a global factor, making this publication of curiosity to a variety of humans together with criminal practitioners, legislation enforcement corporations, policymakers and scholars around the social sciences.

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It is important to note that DoubleClick, and many of its competitors, determines which messages to provide on the basis of data gathered about visits to a host of other Web sites that have little more in common than the fact that they are clients of a particular third-party ad service. While DoubleClick’s primary function is the delivery of advertisements in the Web environment, the same technology, and Data Mining and Surveillance Post-9/11 39 the same logic, can be used to manage the delivery of editorial content as well (Greening, 2000).

In the aviation example, an analysis of accident descriptions derived from on-board data recorders, or in the transcripts of witnesses, might reveal a meaningful pattern. For example, an analysis of accident reports might produce a suggestion that accidents often occurred following an indication in the records of air traffic controller commentary that the plane ‘veered to the left following take-off’. Further analyses of accident records might indicate that such references were also more likely to be made when a particular class of malfunctions occurred under winter weather conditions.

So, what are we to do? The standard responses of governmental agencies like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to this sort of discriminatory segmentation are, in my view, unlikely to provide much protection from the dangers that are likely to accompany the widespread use of data mining. Most recently, the orientation of policy makers in the United States has been toward corporate self-governance, and away from regulation. The FTC has emphasized the value of a muchmodified standard of ‘fair information practices’, which is supposed to ensure that the public enjoys ‘notice and choice’ regarding the collection and use of personal information.

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