The History of Theophylact Simocatta: An English Translation by Theophylact Simocatta, Michael and Mary Whitby PDF

By Theophylact Simocatta, Michael and Mary Whitby

This can be the 1st translation into English of the History of Theophylact Simocatta, the final significant historian of classical antiquity. by way of a ways an important resource for the background of the overdue 6th century A.D., the History hasn't ever prior to been absolutely evaluated as a result of Theophylact's vague and idiosyncratic type. The narrative concentrates at the acts of battle that threatened the soundness of the reign of Emperor Maurice (A.D. 582-602)--the Persian warfare and struggles with the Avar federation and the Slav tribes within the Balkans.

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22. The story of Godwin and a Roman success. 23. Prophecy of the slaughter of Maurice the emperor. 24. Flight of Romans and of Comentiolus the general. 25. How the Chagan prepared to bring his forces to the Long Walls. 26. Concerning the miraculous revenge effected by the martyr Alexander on the multitude of the Avars. 27. Roman embassy to the Chagan. 28. Concerning the monsters that appeared in the Nile waters. 29. Exposition of the nature of the Egyptian river and a collection of a great many ancient opinions concerning it.

1 (p. 4. , and for brief discussion of curtains see Averil Cameron on Corippus, In laudem Iustini Augusti minoris (London 1976), 188-9. html [9/14/2007 9:12:56 AM] Document Page 23 a lofty and leafy tree is separated into many offshoots of mighty branches. (6) For subjects are accustomed to show great grief at the untimely decease of those who have ascended to power, at any rate if they began their rule in a winning and popular manner. (7) When the tomb of the emperors had received him,15 everyone turned towards the emperor Maurice as guardian, and on that very day there was an end to weeping: for recollection of past events has less effect on men than the eager concern for the present.

167 ff. 3 §§ 13-15 are paraphrased from Diodorus Siculus i. 1. 1-5. 4 An apology for the writer's inadequacy is traditional; cf. g. Menander, fr. 2, Agathias, History, pr. 12-13, although Theophylact's description of his own failings is more extreme. html [9/14/2007 9:12:54 AM] Document Page 19 (1. 9 (4) So the emperor attended the royal investiture together with his daughter Constantina, whom he made partner of Maurice's destiny and of his life; before the actual proclamation he presented the following words to the congregation: (5) `Romans, the name which is far-famed and honoured among the nations, the name which because of its glory is clothed with honour on many lips, great and final now are the travails of anxiety which surround us, some compelling us to make a proper disposition of mortal affairs, others confounding us at the dissolution of death and urging us to present to the Creator the account of our mortal life.

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