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This thesis represents the 1st wide-field photometric and spectroscopic survey of famous person clusters within the within reach late-spiral galaxy M33. the program is the closest instance of a dwarf spiral galaxy, that could have a special function within the means of galaxy formation and evolution. The chilly darkish topic paradigm of galaxy formation envisions huge spiral galaxies, reminiscent of the Milky manner, being shaped from the merger and accretion of many smaller dwarf galaxies. The function that dwarf spiral galaxies play during this strategy is basically uncertain. one of many objectives of this thesis is to exploit the famous person cluster inhabitants of M33 to check its formation and evolution from its early phases to the current. The thesis offers a brand new complete catalog of M33 famous person clusters, including magnitudes, shades, structural parameters, and several other initial speed measurements. according to an research of those facts, the thesis concludes that, between different issues, the evolution of M33 has most likely been inspired through its within reach substantial neighbor M31.

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1 presents a summary of the observations. All of the images were calibrated through the standard pipeline-process and downloaded from the HST archive. 1), which were used for the point source photometry, were first multiplied by the geometric correction image to correct for the fact that each ACS pixel subtends a different angle on the sky. Then, the data quality files were applied by setting the values of bad pixels to a large negative number so that the photometry software will ignore them. The photometry was performed using the DAOPHOT/ALLSTAR and ALLFRAME routines (Stetson 1994) following the same procedure as that used by Sarajedini et al.

These photometric differences are not unexpected for integrated photometry of extended objects such as star clusters (San Roman et al. 2009). 32 3 Photometric Properties of the M33 Star Cluster System: Ground-Based Survey Fig. 1 Illustration of the search method adopted. First column corresponds to the original images while the second column corresponds to the residual images after PSF subtraction. Rows from top to bottom show: a background galaxy, a confirmed star cluster, and two new candidate clusters.

Cluster candidates number 139 and 59 in the catalog of Sarajedini and Mancone (2007) have been rejected as clusters in this study based on visual inspection. 03 while comparing with Ma et al. 05, where the uncertainties are standard errors of the mean. As we shall see below, these photometric differences are not unexpected for integrated photometry of extended objects such as star clusters (see also Table 2 of Sarajedini and Mancone 2007). 3 shows the offset in magnitude and color in both cases.

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