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By Zecharia Sitchin

ISBN-10: 0061238236

ISBN-13: 9780061238239

Why is it that our present twenty-first century A.D. is so just like the twenty-first century B.C.? Is heritage destined to copy itself? Will biblical prophecies come actual, and if this is the case, while?

it's been greater than 3 many years when you consider that Zecharia Sitchin's trailblazing publication The twelfth Planet delivered to lifestyles the Sumerian civilization and its checklist of the Anunnaki—the extraterrestrials who shaped guy and gave mankind civilization and faith. during this new quantity, Sitchin exhibits that the tip is anchored within the occasions of the start, and when you research of this starting, it truly is attainable to predict the long run.

In the top of Days , a masterwork that required thirty years of extra study, Sitchin offers compelling new facts that the earlier is the Future—that mankind and its planet Earth are topic to a predetermined cyclical Celestial Time.

In an age while non secular fanaticism and a conflict of civilizations elevate the threat of a nuclear Armageddon, Zecharia Sitchin shatters perceptions and makes use of heritage to bare what's to return at the top of Days .

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Women are dried up, no one can conceive . . the dead are just thrown into the river . . ” The roads are unsafe, trade has ceased, the provinces of Upper Egypt are no longer taxed; “there is civil war . . barbarians from elsewhere have come to Egypt . . ” Some Egyptologists believe that at the core of those events lay a simple rivalry for wealth and power, an attempt (successful in the end) by Theban princes from the south to control and rule the whole country. Lately, studies have associated Egyptian Prophecies, Human Destinies 35 the collapse of the Old Kingdom with a “climate change” that undermined a society founded on agriculture, caused food shortages and food riots, social upheaval, and collapse of authority.

People called Gutians, then the Elamites came from the East; Semitic-speaking peoples came from the West. But while the Easterners worshipped the same Enlilite gods as the Sumerians, the Amurru (“Westerners”) were different. Along the shores of the “Upper Sea” (the Mediterranean), in the lands of the Canaanites, the people were beholden to the Enki’ite gods of Egypt. Therein lay the seeds—perhaps to this day—of Holy Wars undertaken “In the Name of God,” except that different peoples had different national gods .

That special time when the destinies on Earth are determined in the heavens was what we have called Celestial Time, the Zodiacal Clock. That such determining was linked to Equinox Day becomes evident from the rest of Gudea’s tale, as well as from Thoth’s Egyptian name Tehuti, The Balancer (of day and night) who “Draws the Cord” for orienting Egyptian Prophecies, Human Destinies 39 Figure 17 a new temple. Such celestial considerations continued to dominate the Eninnu project from start to finish.

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