The Egg of the Phoenix: Special Module I12 (Advanced by Frank Mentzer PDF

By Frank Mentzer

ISBN-10: 0880384719

ISBN-13: 9780880384711

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Nothing here is magical. However, the water is poisoned and the rim of the bowl lined with more poison. Even a touch (a thief's Find Traps attempt, for instance) will require a saving throw vs. poison or death results in two rounds (Skrufulus's antidote will cure this poison easily). The antique bowl is worth 3000 gp (it is a fine example of early elven silversmithing). T10. Hot Dog! Three hell hounds sit alertly at this intersection. The hounds will watch any intruders carefully, and will growl softly.

The DM should not reveal the presence of the wand unless it is seen or detected! A light source dropped in the hole will block sight of the wand itself, revealing nothing. Telekinesis (possibly provided by the sword Paramel) would bring the wand up or the party may "fish" for it with a sticky substance on the end of a string (this action requires a Dexterity Ability Check made at half the character's Dexterity, rounded up). Each try takes five rounds. If the players continue their search, they will find the withered, partially devoured carcass of a sabertoothed tiger; its chest appears to have been pierced by a huge pointed object.

If not, he will retreat to his lair, watching for trouble. If spotted by a character who can see invisibility, his actions will depend upon those of that character. If the observer obviously sees him and reacts, he flees to area #T12 and waits to attempt another assassination using the same methods while the characters are involved with the hell hounds. However, if the observing character quietly takes actions, such as casting a spell without first announcing the assassin's presence, Bludgeous will try for a kill, not realizing that he has been spotted.

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