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By Ray del Sole

ISBN-10: 1470960176

ISBN-13: 9781470960179

For the true non secular seeker:

This ebook unveils the Divine Plans for human evolution, for mankind and production. it's time to consider our religious origins and to wide awake from the nightmares of materialism. it's time to fix the divine order. certainly it's time for a brand new religious society and a brand new kind of holistic education.

A unmarried candle can convey mild into darkness. but if many candles social gathering then the sunshine shines brilliant and darkness vanishes.

So let´s assemble the religious mild, love and knowledge for a greater future.

Let us satisfy the Divine Plans!

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From a divine or spiritual point of view these exoteric teachings have a certain sense. As there are people who request such limitations, such dogmas, who need a clear orientation of black and white, there are the analogue teachings and the analogue leaders. By experiencing a life under such circumstances people tend to wake up and start to scrutinize the teachings. In this way they are going to find the truth, to take own responsibility and to think for themselves. Although one has to respect such things as they are necessary for making precious experiences for development, I am very tired of many bad exoteric teachings and people who follow them.

Individuality is born from the absolute and creation is truly based on this principle. The twofold key of wisdom Number two is certainly the expression of duality. The whole creation is based on the principle of duality and with this on polarity. Only God as the absolute ONE is beyond creation and thus beyond duality. Duality starts with the first vibration, the sinus curve, the first plus and minus. Indeed it is always the same principle of pole and antipole where the one pole could not exist without the other, - the two sides of one thing.

After this, new forms of society, politics and economics should come. A so-called New World Order is going to manifest. These changes are so incredible and all-embracing that we human beings are not really able to manage them, to understand what is going on, to keep control of the direction where we move to. So many people are confused these days, - fears and sorrows rule. Fanaticism and violence rise. Mankind has to face its biggest challenge. When you think of the history of mankind, then something comparable to our days has never existed.

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