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By Donald Tyson

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Written by way of King James I and released in 1597, the unique variation of Demonology is generally considered as essentially the most fascinating and debatable spiritual writings in heritage, but since it is written within the language of its day, it's been notoriously obscure. Now occult pupil Donald Tyson has modernized and annotated the unique textual content, making this traditionally very important paintings available to modern readers. additionally deciphered right here, for the 1st time, is the nameless tract information from Scotland, an account of the North Berwick witch trials over which King James presided.

Tyson examines King James’ obsession with witches and their alleged makes an attempt on his lifestyles, and gives a well informed and sympathetic examine the main points of magick and witchcraft within the Jacobean interval. Demonology beneficial properties historic woodcut illustrations and comprises the unique previous English texts of their entirety. This reference paintings is the major to a necessary resource textual content on seventeenth-century witchcraft and the Scottish witch trials  

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Although the magician may start out using magic circles and words of power to bind the Devil and his servants, Epistemon asserts that he quickly 30 INTRODUCTION moves toward the making of a pact with Satan. Philomathes is a bit skeptical as to why a magician should give up the circles and other aspects of his art that allow him to rule and control demons, and instead voluntarily subject himself to the Devil's authority by means of a contract. The answer of Epistemon seems a bit weak on this point.

Perhaps on some of the nights Duncan spent away from the residence of her master, she was studying the art of witchcraft from the elder Sampson. She must have been a gifted pupil, to judge by her success in healing her neighbors, but it was inevitable that the appearance of this gift, where none had been noticed to exist before, should give rise to rumors and gossip about her doings at night. If Gilly Duncan was an apprentice to magic, Agnes Sampson was its mistress. She was the first of the accused in the North Berwick affair to be extensively questioned, and the list of accusations against her is longer and more varied than against any other.

Philomathes wonders whether God would permit such misfor­ tunes to befall men and women who believe in him, and Epistemon assures him that witches can afflict both the godly and the wicked. Is it ever lawful to seek out a witch for a cure to a disease that has been caused by witchcraft? Never lawful, Epistemon assures his friend; the only lawful remedy is prayer. If all men are subject to the evil effects of witchcraft, Philomathes asks how any man can be brave enough to punish them. His friend rather stiffly replies that we should not refrain from virtue merely because the way may be perilous; and in any case, no one is more protected against witchcraft than those who zealously prosecute witches.

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