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By Frank Bolz Jr., Kenneth J. Dudonis, David P. Schulz

ISBN-10: 0444015248

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A realistic guide which goals to aid advisor legislation enforcement, in addition to business and personal safeguard team of workers via a terrorism scenario or power danger, together with bomb difficulties, hostage occasions, kidnapping and negotiation. directions for thoughts and strategies are offered and illustrated via case reports and images. The booklet is meant for legal investigators, political negotiators and defense group of workers.

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The whole effort presents opportunities for reviewing the plan, and altering or updating where required. Terrorist Tactics To establish a meaningful defense plan requires knowledge of what is being defended. The four most important tactical operations involving terrorists are, in order of relative frequency: 1. 2. 3. 4. Bombings Assassinations and assaults Kidnapping Hostage-taking/skyjacking/barricade situations Bombings are the most frequent, accounting for as much as 80% of terrorist-related violence.

It is the foundation of the police mandate. On the part of the private sector, the obligation can be derived from what the courts have called “foreseeability” in vicarious liability suits. Thus, in the private sector, an incident such as a hostage-taking could be considered a foreseeable occurrence under vicarious liability statutes and case law, particularly if the company is doing business with a country or group that has been or is known to be a focal point of terrorist activity. In effect, such a company is a potential target of violent action and is under some obligation to protect its employees and property.

Perhaps he or she never thought a real bomb would be planted and now wants to distance himself or herself from the action. ©2002 CRC Press LLC Another rationale for the warning call may be to shift responsibility for any deaths or injuries away from the bombers and onto the police or the organization at which the attack is directed. This may be an attempt to build an affirmative defense in the event of apprehension. ” This communique, delivered to several news organizations, said the group was going to use bombs and explosive devices in attacking intended targets.

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