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By Alice Roberts

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We inhabit it, we're it, and we're surrounded by means of 6.8 billion examples of it on the earth – the human physique. a few components of it are nonetheless mysteries to technological know-how and lots more and plenty is a secret to the typical individual in the street. yet we've come a ways from the sketches and diagrams drawn via the 1st anatomists in historic Greece.

Making complete use of recent scientific systems and imaging recommendations, the entire Human physique is the definitive advisor to the improvement, shape, functionality, and problems of the human physique, illustrated with unheard of readability by means of new computer-generated works of art and the newest scientific and microscopic imaging. Exploring the body's shape and serve as in higher intensity than the other well known reference, from muscle constitution and job to motor pathways in the mind, the full Human physique can have nice entice scholars and a extensive diversity of healthcare pros, in addition to households. comprises an interactive DVD and site!

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The part that deals more with the way we sense and interact with our surroundings is called the somatic nervous system. The part involved with sensing and controlling our internal environments—affecting glands or heart rate, for example—is the autonomic nervous system. This colored MRI scan reveals the structures of the brain and upper spinal cord (orange–red). The brain stem emerges from the base of the brain to continue as the spinal cord. The branched cerebellum is visible at the lower back of the brain.

It exists as a network of interconnected fibers, and it spontaneously, rhythmically contracts. Autonomic nerves can increase or reduce the rate of contraction, matching the heart’s output to the body’s needs. Myofibril The myofibrils of cardiac muscle are organized in a similar way to those in skeletal muscle, giving a striated appearance under a light microscope Actin filament Intermediate filament This type of muscle is made of individual, tapering cells and is supplied by autonomic motor nerves, which control the operation of body systems, usually at a subconscious level.

Two articulate with the radius to form the wrist joint Radius Forearm bone; it can rotate around the ulna to alter the orientation of the hand Ulna Wide at its proximal end, where it articulates with the humerus at the elbow, this bone tapers down to a pointed styloid process near the wrist Humerus Scapula Connects the arm to the trunk, and provides a secure but mobile anchor for the arm, allowing the shoulders to be retracted backward, protracted forward, and elevated Clavicle Traces a sinuous curve at the base of the neck; it acts as a strut supporting the shoulder ANATOMY Manubrium Vertebral column Comprises stacked vertebrae and forms a strong, flexible backbone for the skeleton Mandible A single bone, the jaw contains the lower teeth and provides attachment for the chewing muscles Cranium Contains and protects the brain and the organs of special sense— the eyes, ears, and nose—and provides the supporting framework of the face 040 ANTERIOR (FRONT) 041 SKELETAL SYSTEM The skeleton gives the body its shape, supports the weight of all our other tissues, provides attachment for muscles, and forms a system of linked levers that the muscles can move.

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