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These periodic lines are the intermyosin cross-bridges, formed of material with quite different enzymatic properties than myosin (Karnovsky and Hug, 1963). O n either side of the M band, for a lateral distance of about 180 Â, the myosin filament is bare, and this is probably still in the region of tail-to-tail abutment of the myosin monomers. The myosin hinged heads, constituting the cross-bridge structures for interaction with actin, fill the rest of the filament, arranged in a spiral manner. The actin filaments of cardiac muscle and their relation to the Z disc and its substructure appear similar to that of skeletal muscle, described in the last chapter.

1), but this is far from the fibre regimentation seen in skeletal muscle. Low-power electron micrographs show in some detail just h o w irregular the cellular profiles can be and how branched the fibres are. In Fig. , which is a transverse section of frog ventricle, fibres can be seen running in all planes and numerous side branches of the cells are clearly visible, a feature also seen in longitudinal section (Figs. 4). g. shrimp heart and insects) it is clear that cardiac fibres are merely an extension o£ the ultrastructural condition of skeletal muscle (Irisawa and Hama, 1965; Edwards and Challice, 1960; Sänger and McCann, 1968a).

CHAPTER 2 The Fine Structure of Cardiac and Visceral Muscle Cardiac Muscle Basic morphology THE basic gross structure of the heart and its various pacemaker and conducting systems is dealt with in Section 2 where it directly relates to electrophysiological phenomena. Here it is only necessary to examine briefly the fine structure of the individual cardiac muscle fibre. In many ways cardiac muscle is something of a hybrid between skeletal and visceral 'smooth* muscle. In its unceasing electrical and mechanical rhythmicity it is reminiscent of many single-unit visceral muscles, but in its banded appearance it resembles more the nature of skeletal muscle than the non-striated visceral muscles.

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