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By Marion Zimmer Bradley, Ralph Brillhart

As younger Bart Steele stood having a look over the Lhari spaceport, he heard a gong sound, touching off an explosion of caution bells. He appeared up. A starship was once arriving. Bart ran down the ramp, pondering: "I ponder whether Dad will comprehend me after 5 years." He searched in the course of the crowd, taking a look in useless for his father's tall determine. without notice he noticed a fats little guy coming towards him along with his hands outstretched. "Hello, son," the fellow stated loudly, greedy Bart's hands. "Well, boy, you will have certain grown. yet you are not too grown-up to offer your outdated Dad a hug, are you?" Bart began to draw back and stammer that the fellow had made a mistake, however the guy pulled him approximately into his fingers. "Bart, hearken to me," the stranger whispered. "Call me Dad, sturdy and loud, to be able to reside. simply because, think me, your lifestyles is at risk -- correct now!"

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He rose, shaking it all off impatiently. "Well, it's finished now. Your father is dead. What are you going to do? If you want to go back to Vega, you can probably convince the Lhari you're just an innocent bystander. They don't hurt bystanders or children, Bart. They aren't bad people. They're just protecting their business monopoly. "The safest way to handle it would be this: let me erase your memories of what I've told you tonight. Then just let the Lhari capture you. They won't kill you. They'll just give you a light psych-check.

A Lhari, as short and fat as a Lhari could possibly be and still be a Lhari, came or rather waddled out of the captain's office. He saw Bartol and called, "Are you the new First Class? " Rugel had a huge cleft darkish scar across his lip, and there were two bands on his cloak. He was completely bald, and he puffed when he walked. "Vorongil asked me to show you around. You'll share quarters with Ringg —no sense shifting another man. " "I don't have much," Bart said. Rugel's seamed lip widened. "That's the way—travel light when you're on the drift," he confirmed.

They flew for a long time; across low hills, patchwork agricultural districts, towns, and then for a long time over water. The copter had automatic controls, but Raynor Three kept it on manual, and Bart wondered if the Men-torian just didn't want to talk. It began to descend, at last, toward a small green hill, bright in the last gold rays on sunset. A small domelike pink bubble rose out of the hill. Raynor Three set the copter neatly down on a platform that slid shut after them, unfastened their seat belts and gave Bart a hand to climb out.

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