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By Ed Greenwood

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This publication finds the secrets and techniques, ideas, and magic of the Harpers, together with: Harper Runes; Harper Magic; The lengthy, colourful heritage of the Harpers; Their evil Foes; Their distinct Allies; The fabled excessive Heralds; What Harpers Do; Harper Haunts: their strongholds, and the Harpers who (literally) hang-out them; becoming a member of the Harpers, and the way to develop into a real Harper and a grasp Harper... And extra, from favourite Harper ballads to particular Harper NPCs.

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This can be done on three separate occasions per day. The Way of the Harp Master Harpers who aren’t bards can, if they wish to, acquire the class of a bard as a second class. They can do this at any time after gaining 10th level in their primary class—and they can become bards regardless of their ability scores. They then become dual—class characters, and all the usual restrictions apply. All that is needed to begin “the Way of the Harp” is a tutor and at least three months of time to study and master a musical instrument (if the character already has a Musical Instrument proficiency, this requirement has already been met).

All of the rival factions will rush in to try to seize power, and the result will be scarcity of metal and gems, sharply rising prices, and The Harpers Today • 37 In Amn—and recently, in Tethyr and Calimshan, too—men and women have been found slain, with the shape of a cat burned into their foreheads, as if they’d been branded. Magical investigations of the killings are always foiled by magic that has destroyed any possibility of gaining an image of the killer or any details of the murder or the time leading up to it.

Experimentation in this field continues, but several results are known. The use of lamp oil and other volatile liquid fuels causes sudden jets of flame to erupt for 1d4 rounds (reflected back on the smoker by the pipe’s weather shield), followed by a 2d6-die explosion that destroys the pipe. The use of wet green leaves produces a thick, black, choking smoke. Once this has begun, the smoker can leave the pipe to create a smoke-screen, to smoke insects or air-breathing creatures out of a confined space, and the like.

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