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By Harry Sidebottom

ISBN-10: 0141935243

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AD 262 -- The Roman imperium is in turmoil after the fight for the throne.

Ephesus, Asia's city, lies in ruins, shattered through a powerful earthquake. Its electorate stay in worry as mobs crush town, baying for blood to avenge the gods who've punished them. whilst, an excellent larger chance to the safety of the empire advances from the north. The barbaric Goth tribes sail towards Ephesus, decided to pillage the weakened urban. basically Ballista, Warrior of Rome, is aware the methods of the barbarians -- and in basic terms he can defeat them.

well known for his or her expert mixing of motion and historic accuracy, Sidebottom's Warrior of Rome novels take the reader from the shouts of the battlefield to the whisperings of the emperor's internal circle. wealthy intimately and punctuated through harrowing motion, there isn't any higher approach to shipping your self again to the Roman Empire.

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The water was coming from the left-hand side of the Sacred Way, from the Fountain of Trajan. Twice the size of a man, Trajan soared up, his head and shoulders reaching level with the second storey of the building. He was near naked, as befitted a god. Other, smaller deities peered out at him from their columned niches. In the big pool at his feet, barbarians cowered. It was from this pool that the water was coming. Odd, thought Ballista. The Romans were so good at hydraulic engineering. The water was starting to pour over the rim of the big basin at a prodigious rate.

The opening was indeed little bigger than a rabbit hole. Ballista slid his arm in alongside that of Constans; there was next to no room for anything else. He patted the trapped man on the shoulder. Above the hole seemed to be one large block of masonry. With no equipment and no room to work, it would be impossible to break it up or move it. Below the fallen material was more fragmentary. Possibly it could be dug out, but then the unsupported block above would come down. Ballista lay still again.

Like an animal with its back legs broken, he dragged himself forward with his arms, feet flippering ineffectually behind. A jagged piece of rubble sliced through his tunic. He felt the warm blood smearing his stomach. He let the pain rise; concentrated on that, used it to blot out the fear. The deeper he went, the faster and shallower his breathing became. The air might be getting bad, or it could just be him. Keep going. Do not think, just act. The ghastly tunnel opened out just a little. His hands, as much as his eyes, told him there was a lintel or the like overhead.

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