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By Gary Lachman

ISBN-10: 1782500022

ISBN-13: 9781782500025

Why are we the following? humans have requested themselves this question for hundreds of years. smooth technological know-how principally argues that humans are likelihood items of a purposeless universe, yet different traditions think humanity has a necessary position and accountability in creation.

Lachman brings jointly many strands of esoteric, religious, and philosophical idea to shape a counter-argument to the nihilism that permeates the twenty-first century. delivering a thorough substitute to postmodern apathy, he argues that we people are certainly the “caretakers” of the universe, entrusted with a frightening job― therapeutic and repairing production itself.

This is a crucial publication from a key philosopher of our time, addressing the most pressing questions dealing with humanity.

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Legend has it that during his solitude he was visited on more than one occasion by Elijah, who tutored him in the mysteries. In Safed in 1570, Luria became a student of the Kabbalist Moses Cordovero (1522–1570), author of Pardes Rimonin, or ‘Garden of Pomegranates’, an attempt at a systematic presentation of Kabbalistic philosophy, linking it to previous teachings, and trying to bring different variants together into a coherent whole. Considered a classic and standard text, its presentation was only superseded by Luria’s own ideas.

They lead us to question the status quo and seek the truth. But there is another side to this development. This idea of the world as false, as a kind of prison, has, I believe, led to, or at least certainly added to, our sense of uncertainty and insecurity, to our anxiety and paranoia. The kind of ‘conspiracy consciousness’ that permeates much of our postmodern life is a kind of Gnosticism; at least it shares in the sense that, in the words of a Bob Dylan song, something is happening but we don’t know what it is.

But by the time that man is created, the Word has left the earth and returned to its source in Nous, leaving behind a world of mere matter. It is explained in the creation account that the material which the craftsman uses to create the cosmos is a kind of ‘grim darkness’ that originates in the chaos which precedes creation. When the logos leaves it, it returns to its original state. To readers of contemporary cosmology, ‘grim darkness’ sounds rather like the ‘dark matter’ of which we are told most of the universe is made.

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