Download e-book for iPad: The Borderlands of Southeast Asia: Geopolitics, Terrorism by National Defense University (U.S.), James Clad, Institute

By National Defense University (U.S.), James Clad, Institute for National Strategic Studies (U.S.), Sean M. McDonald, Bruce Vaughn

ISBN-10: 0160886783

ISBN-13: 9780160886782

The participants to this publication emphasize a mixture of background and heritage because the fundamental leitmotif for modern border rivalries and dynamics. no matter if the region's eleven states wish it or no longer, their bordered id is falling into ever sharper definition-if simply due to strain from extraregional states. Chapters are equipped via nation to elicit a extensive diversity of concept and method up to for the categorical parts or realms tested in every one bankruptcy. This ebook goals to supply new methods of the truth and phantasm of bordered Southeast Asia.Edited by means of James Clad, Sean M. McDonald, and Bruce Vaughn, with contributions from: Zachary Abuza, Richard P. Cronin, David Lee, Rhoda Margesson, Dick ok. Nanto, Patricia O'Brien, David Rosenberg, Carlyle A. Thayer, Michael wooden.

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64 Evidence for the early establishment of Islamic kingdoms includes Malay manuscripts, archaeological remains from northern Sumatra, and references in Chinese texts to Arab migrants to the region. 44 THE BORDERLANDS OF SOUTHEAST ASIA Uka Tjandrasasmita included some of this evidence in a presentation at one of these seminars as well as in an English-language article he produced for a book intended for foreign visitors to Indonesia, but in general he treats it with some skepticism. He notes the rather mysterious Ta-Shih, mentioned in Tang dynasty sources as planning to attack the kingdom of Ho-Ling (Java) around about the year 674.

By 1900, virtually the entire area had come under some form of colonial control. Colonial authorities defined clear borders for their possessions, replacing earlier forms of state organization. A final foreign intervention came in the form of imperial Japan, which overthrew the European colonial order. Japanese victory paved the way for the emergence of independent Southeast Asian nation-states, which had the task of defining national borders and asserting common national histories. The second part of the chapter will show how these tasks were facilitated by the earlier experience of colonial rule.

There was no large-scale Spanish immigration to the islands, although intermarriage was quite common. A mestizo elite eventually emerged, although real political power was always reserved for colonial officials sent from Spain. However, local elites adopted not just the religion of the Spanish, but also their language and in many ways their culture. Wealthy Filipinos received an education in Spain, and it was this Spanish-trained elite who in the final decades of the 19th century agitated against continued Spanish rule.

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The Borderlands of Southeast Asia: Geopolitics, Terrorism and Globalization by National Defense University (U.S.), James Clad, Institute for National Strategic Studies (U.S.), Sean M. McDonald, Bruce Vaughn

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