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By Susan Gerulskis-Estes

Ninety four pages, b&w illustrations, paperback

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The water flow equalizes the stream between the cup of the subconscious and the cup of the superconscious. The water ripples as it flows, repre- 42 THE MAJORARCANA senting the cosmic Vibration of balance. The subconscious the universe the self-conscious are united in a state harmonious with the vibration of the universe. and the constant cyclic process of formation, regeneration, and purification. The transferring of water in the cups also refers to the raising of that which is low to a higher plane.

Black indicates that which is negative. The black hood has a purple lining, which is the color of death. It is claspedat the neck by a golden square which Divine indicates the Law. Death clears the path to the beyond with a large silver-bladed scythe. The scythe represents harvest, hope, and rebirth. The white rose represents the beauty, immortality, and freedom of the soul. A bird, which indicates the human soul, flies toward the red sun of immortality. A winding river which reflects the sun's red glow is symbolic of nature's phenomena of creation, growth, death, and rebirth.

Adapting to new circumstances. Diplomacy. Even temperament. Harmonizing of es and the bud of a fourth sug- the psychic and material gest radiance and promise. Temperance is the perfect aspects. harmony of the universal psy- Reversed: Unstable chic actions. Mood swings. Emo- and material represents vibrations. an exact mix It and tional unbalance. A burning candle which represents individual life as opposedto universal or cosmiclife suggestshis poweris limited to influence only the individual lives that fall into his trap.

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