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By Charles E.O. Carter

1930. Carter used to be one of many awesome British astrologers of the century. this can be a treatise in a few aspect at the 36 attainable mixtures of the solar, the Moon and the seven recognized planets. each one blend is handled lower than 3 heads: harmonious facets, the conjunction, and inharmonious facets. a couple of examples is given of every combination.
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Men of outward humbleness nourish daydreams of imperial splendour; men of public benevolence have been murderers in secret; persons apparently immersed in worldliness have lived hidden lives of lowly service. Astrologers, in seeking to understand and help, but understand the Law of Expression, by which all beings seek to express their own natures through all available channels. The work of the astrologer is to find beneficial and appropriate media through which the horoscopic forces can be expressed.

J. Bryan, Duke of Windsor, Ramsay MacDonald, Swami Vivekananda, Savonarola. ASPECTS OF THE SUN AND JUPITER THE HARMONIOUS ASPECTS These are commonly supposed to confer abundant wealth and success; but their action seems actually to be predominantly intellectual. They confer mental powers above the ordinary, and an inoffensive, quiet, benevolent disposition. In so far as they bring success they do so by means of intellectual achievements more often than in any other way; but they do not care for the competition and hardships of industrial life and prefer to live peaceably, often in circumstances of natural simplicity rather than the opulent state that tradition has rather led us to suppose.

But if Saturn be not so much afflicted as weak in action, both good and bad, the results may be serious. The cultivation of a steady, matter-of-fact attitude may be advised, and a constant determination to seek only what has been earned by honest work. It will be well to distrust all who offer short-cuts to success or attainment, or who paint things in roseate colours, appealing to the gambling and get-rich-quick tendencies. The same applies to those false prophets who promise “occult” or falsely so-called “spiritual” attainments as the results of “stunts” The native will often be tempted with specious, unsound things, and the results may be grave, for the 12th house side of Jupiter must not be forgotten – self-undoing.

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