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By Hal Marcovitz

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It was America, indeed America repeating the terrible scenes of czarist Russia! I glanced up—the Statue of Liberty! As for Berkman, he intended to go out a bit more defiantly. ” ANARCHY IN AMERICA But Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman would not return. Berkman stayed in Russia for several years, then drifted around Europe, finally settling in Paris. He committed suicide there in 1936. Goldman also left Russia and drifted around Europe. She died, little remembered, in 1940. ” Puerto Rican nationalists display the flag of their island, a commonwealth of the United States, during a demonstration near the Statue of Liberty.

Elsewhere in America, poor conditions for workers spawned the labor movement. Unions slowly gained power in the early years of the 20th century, and eventually working conditions and wages improved. It was a long struggle that took years, and some people preached a much quicker solution for the worker’s dilemma: anarchy. One of the leaders of the anarchist movement at the turn of the century was Emma Goldman, an immigrant from Lithuania. Goldman became an anarchist in 1886 after 11 people were killed in Chicago’s Haymarket Square during a union rally.

Before the garden can bloom, the weeds must be uprooted. Nothing is therefore more important than to destroy. Nothing more necessary and difficult. Take a man with an open mind, and you will have no great trouble in convincing him of the falsehood and rottenness of our social structure. But when one is filled with superstition and prejudice, your strongest arguments will knock in vain against the barred doors of his bigotry and ignorance. For thousand-year-old superstition and tradition is stronger than truth and logic.

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