Terrorism and Security (Global Connections) by Zoran Pavlovic PDF

By Zoran Pavlovic

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As a result, they harshly suppressed any and all forms of opposition. They were particularly wary of what had happened following Chile’s election of Salvador Allende. Faced with these concerns, the South American dictators decided to develop a plan. Operation Condor informally began with the collaboration between Chilean and Argentinean intelligence agents. In Chile, political dissidents started to disappear immediately after General Augusto Pinochet and colleagues conducted the coup in 1973. Pinochet’s reign over Chile would last almost two decades.

Supported South Vietnamese government and the Soviet Union–supported Communist guerrilla Viet Cong left no one safe. South Vietnam’s leader, Ngo Dinh Diem, showed little remorse in persecuting Buddhists. Diem, a Roman Catholic, severely suppressed Buddhism 39 40 Terrorism and Security in favor of Christianity and associated the Buddhists with antigovernment reactionary forces. To protest Diem’s policy, Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc arrived at a busy street, splashed his body with gasoline with the help of assistants, and set himself ablaze.

Although its membership has dwindled, FARC continues to exist. The key to its survival is the understanding that to fight locally it needs to operate globally. The drug trade is a lucrative business, so cocaine produced in Colombia under FARC’s oversight is transported to the United States and elsewhere. Profits from the drug trade are used to purchase weapons from international dealers and to bring foreign terrorist experts to Colombia to educate FARC in training and combat. In 2001, for example, several Irishmen, members of the Provisional IRA (a leftist branch of the Irish Republican Army) traveled to Colombia to provide their expertise in bomb making.

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