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By Julie Gillentine

The Tarot is either a symbolic alphabet and a e-book of knowledge that speaks on to the unconscious. goals communicate to us within the related means, specifically in symbols of a common nature. via integrating those equipment of symbolic communique, you should use your dream time as a resource of religious enlightenment. discover the meanings of the main and Minor Arcana as they pertain to desires, and use the logo Dictionary as a consultant to universal dream themes.

Julie Gillentine (Colorado) is a graduate of the BTA college, an ATA qualified Tarot teacher, and astrology instructor. She is co-author of the ebook The Hidden energy of daily issues and is a talented speaker, having carried out thousands of workshops, lectures, and radio interviews. She has her personal renowned web site at queenofcups.com.

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In the following chapters I will reveal the secrets that make angelic contact possible and instantaneous. If you’re familiar with magick, some of these ideas may be challenging, or they may seem familiar. If you are new to magick, the ideas may seem strange, but realize that this system was built by taking many successful magickal ideas – both ancient and modern - and refining them into something that works. The secrets may seem strange at times, but they are a reality, and they bring this magick to life.

You repeat the working for eleven days. The result will manifest. Magick is only ever one factor in a situation, so the result may be instant or it may take three days, three weeks or three months for you to see results. This depends entirely upon what you’re asking for and your current situation. If you ask for protection, it’s instantaneous. If you ask to be more popular, it may take days. If you ask for wealth and fame, you can expect rapid changes that develop and last over several years. Sometimes you only need one angel.

Why this phrase from the Tehillim summons an angel of peace and communication so quickly is a mystery that held our interest. Arzel is an angel that brings light from the east, and often people summon the angel and notice the scent of cedars. We found this intriguing. Unable to find any truly reliable reference to an actual angel called Arzel, we wondered what we were calling. Could it be that we’d found a shortcut to the mighty Raziel? When you look at the original Hebrew in the Tehillim, Arzel is identical to the Spelling of Raziel, apart from one silent letter.

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