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The youths were awestruck and supposed Swamiji was a brilliant marksman. Swamiji could read their minds. He told them he had never in his life fired a shot before and that the secret of his success was concentration. * * * On his way back to India, Swamiji stopped off in Cairo. He had with him a number of his Western disciples and friends. One day while taking a walk, Swamiji and his party lost their way and found themselves in a red-light district. It took no time for Swamiji's friends to understand they were in the wrong place.

I know you have studied the Vedas and Vedanta philosophy in great detail, but do these scriptures suggest a way out of the poverty, scarcity of food and all the other great problems plaguing the country? Mrs , who used to prepare 52 Swami Vivekananda : The Friend of All meals for fifty people every day, has been without food for the past three days : a housewife was killed by rowdies the other day, and a helpless widow I know has been dispossessed of her property by her relatives. Can your Vedas give them justice?

It is neither the Vedas nor the Vedanta but love and compassion for humanity that govern Vivekananda. •> * <• Swamiji's health rapidly deteriorated after he returned from the West. His physicians advised him to take a complete rest, so he went to Darjeeling. But after a few days, he received news that plague had broken out in Calcutta. How Swamiji felt at that time is known from a letter he wrote to Josephine MacLeod in April 29, 1998. In that letter he said that he had decided to Memorable Events in the Life of Swami Vivekananda53 sacrifice his life in the service of the plague-stricken people of the city in which he was born and that would be the best way to attain nirvana.

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