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By G. Tyler Miller, Scott Spoolman

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Sustainability is the integrating topic of this present and thought-provoking booklet. maintaining THE EARTH offers the elemental clinical instruments for knowing and considering significantly concerning the environmental difficulties we are facing. approximately part the cost of different environmental technological know-how texts, this 14-chapter, one-color center publication deals an built-in procedure that emphasizes how environmental and source difficulties and strategies are comparable. The concept-centered strategy transforms complicated environmental themes and matters into key strategies that you're going to comprehend and have in mind. by means of framing the suggestions with pursuits for extra sustainable existence and human groups, you can find how promising the long run could be.

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In 1968, biologist Garrett Hardin (1915–2003) called such degradation the tragedy of the commons. It occurs because most users of an openaccess resource believe that their actions will have little impact on the resource. When the number of users is small, this logic works. Eventually, however, the cumulative effect of many people using a shared resource can degrade it and eventually exhaust or ruin it. There are two major ways to deal with this difficult problem. One is to use a shared renewable resource at a rate well below its estimated sustainable yield by using less of the resource, regulating access to the resource, or doing both.

Beyond that point, you lose control. Ecological tipping points can threaten all or parts of the earth’s life-support system. Natural Systems Have Tipping Points One problem that we face in dealing with environmental degradation is the time delay between the unsustainable use of renewable resources and the resulting harmful environmental effects. Time delays can allow an environmental problem to build slowly until it reaches a threshold level, or ecological tipping point, beyond which further change can cause an often irreversible shift in the behavior of a natural system (Figure 1-7).

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