New PDF release: Subspace Encounter (SubSpace 02)

By Edward E. (''Doc'') Smith

ISBN-10: 0425062449

ISBN-13: 9780425062449

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No, sir, I’ve no idea whatever. I sent a messenger to the engineers and your Guards of the Person…” and she went on with a machine-gun-fast report of what she and Rodnar had decided she should say; watching his mind the while to be sure that she was making the best possible impression-which she was-and concluding, “… if they are our people they’ll pound on that door in code, and I’ll know it’s safe to open. If they aren’t… well…” she swung the barrel of her blaster so that it clicked lightly against the barrel of his, “… well, we’ve enough power here, Your Magnificence, to melt a million tons of rock down onto us before they burn us down.

Marrjyl gnawed her lip. “I wouldn’t know… It couldn’t have stayed in subspace, and if it had emerged any place our lock-ons would have held it…“ Her eyes narrowed suddenly. ”Remember what I said about `other space,‘ Rod? ” he snorted. ” “So? Answer my question, then. ” “The truth is left. The only thing possible. ” “Since that’s the only alternative I can see, that’s the only one I’ll buy, and it’s certainly a lot easier to believe than yours is… and even if your cockeyed theory is right and that ship did originate in another space, any loose pieces of it would normalize in this, our normal space here.

Rod! Rod! scared! ” he snapped the thought; then, pausing only to snatch three flashlights from a hardware store half a mile away, he teleported himself into the FirSec’s office and grabbed her in his arms. To say that she grabbed him back is an understatement indeed. She tried with everything she had to pressure-fuse her body into one with his. ” she telepathed intensely, apparently unaware that she was not speaking aloud, even though her mouth was in no position to do any talking. “Nothing works-not even the lights or the air-what was it?

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