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J [R 2 +(XL-X c) 2 ] Q where w is in radians/second, f in hertz, L in henrys and C in farads. 8b, the circuit has a net inductance, and the current lags behind the applied voltage. This condition occurs at frequencies above the resonant frequency (see 2 below). 8c, the condition is known as resonance, and the current is in phase with the applied voltage. j (LC) Hz Study Notes in Electrical Science 50 The current in the circuit at resonance has the magnitude I =VIR and is in phase with V. If the value of R is small, then the current at resonance has a very large value; since VL=I XL and V c =I X 0 it follows that if the current has a large value, thenVLandV cbothhave large values (they may be many times the value of the applied voltage, V).

19 Electromagnetism where i =instantaneous value of current (A) at time t(s). f. induced in a coil is also d

Value= square root of the mean of the sum of the squares of the instantaneous values The value is usually computed over a complete cycle but can also be calculated over a half-cycle period. Alternating-current Theory 35 (1) Graphical determination. s. I=JC 1 2 +i 2 2 +i 3 :+ ... +i/) where n =number of mid-ordinates. (2) Analytical determination. s. s. s. value For a sinusoidal waveform Im peak factor = 0 70 . 3). s. value, and is drawn in the direction assumed by the rotating line at time t = 0.

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