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Another example is congestive heart failure in alcoholics with thiamine deficiency (Alexander, 1966). (b) Alternatively, patients may present with features suggestive of constrictive pericarditis, (c) Finally, patients may have evidence of hypertrophie obstruction to ventricular outflow. In the left ventricular type there may be marked hypertrophy of the septum (Teare, 1958). O n the other hand, excessive contraction of heart muscle during systole may lead to 'functional obstruction of the left ventricle' (Brock, 1957).

U J I H A R A , I . , SEARGY, R . L . , B E R K , J . E . a n d H A Y A S H I , S. (1965). A saccharogenic method for estimating electrophoretic and Chromatographie distribution of h u m a n serum amylase. Clin. , n , 97-112. V É L E Z - G A R C I A , E . , H A R D Y , P . , D I O S O , M. a n d P E R K O F F , G. T . (1966). Gysteine-stimulated serum creatine phosphokinase: unexpected results. J. lab. clin. , 68, 636-45. W E I N E R , M . , S I D D I Q J J I , A . A . , B O S T A N G I , N . a n d D A Y T O N , P .

Although it is known that this enzyme is present in many tissues the reason for increased serum activity in heart failure remains uncertain. SUMMARY The enzyme changes which follow myocardial infarction have been described and some of the experimental work in this field has been noted. D. K. activity will confirm the diagnosis of myocardial necrosis. However, maximum activity of these three enzymes occurs on different days after infarction (see Fig. 6). The cardiomyopathies and the enzyme changes secondary to different types of heart failure are discussed in the last two sections of the chapter.

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