Raymond Murrey's State Violence: Northern Ireland 1969-1997 PDF

By Raymond Murrey

During this ebook the writer chronicles the abuse by means of the British nation of emergency legislation: harassment and intimidation of civilians; accidents and deaths brought on by rubber and plastic bullets; collusion among British protection forces, British intelligence and loyalist paramilitaries; unjust killings and murders through the safety forces; over the top punishments and degrading strip-searches in prisons – abuses missed through all yet a handful of people and civil rights organizations.

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48–54. Zadie Smith, White Teeth, London, Hamish Hamilton, 2000, p. 295. 3 François Burgat FROM NATIONAL STRUGGLE TO THE DISILLUSIONMENTS OF “RECOLONIZATION” The triple temporality of Islamism T H E FA C T T H AT T H E identity problematic applies more or less to the sum total of actors does not necessarily immunize the latter from history. ) are not strictly speaking equivalent, whether in space (social or national) or in time. Therefore, though it may be legitimate to consider that each member of the successive “generations” of the Islamist mobilization participates in the same assertion of his Muslim identity in the face of the Western alter ego and the regimes accused of pandering to it, it is important to continually reconfigure within each historical context this homogeneity of the identity problematic, in space and time.

30 There, some parents send their daughters to public schools where the veil is enforced by the school principal in contravention of state regulations. These parents are concerned about declining morality in their neighbourhood. Their engagement with the instruments of globalization is limited and uneven. They get glimpses of the new commodities on television. They are also exposed to the lifestyles of expatriates returning from the Gulf. These latter sometimes bring with them a conservative morality, particular styles of dress and capital, all of which are part of the global flows characterizing transnationalism.

The United Kingdom at the time was protecting a fragile parliamentary monarchy, whose elites nonetheless enjoyed a certain pluralism of parliamentary expression. A generation later, the national ideological environment had changed: borders, nations, and mental patterns had been disrupted by the creation of Israel, the thrust of Arab nationalism, and the tripartite expedition organized in 1956 by London, Paris, and Tel Aviv to counter the nationalization of the Suez Canal. Replenished by the dividends of their nationalist victories, the authoritarianism of the successive regimes grew more pronounced.

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