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As he stepped towards the bookcase, he noticed that it was standing at the very edge of the field with nothing in the background but more of the dense jungle, entangled and smothered with undergrowth. He saw no way of penetrating it. When he came to the Tipiåika cabinet, he reached out to open it; but, before he had a chance to discover the contents inside, he woke up. 5 This was a dream nimitta, an omen confirming his belief that if he persevered in his efforts, he would undoubtedly discover a path for attaining what he sought.

Cariya Sao Kantasãlo In his early years of practice, Ãcariya Mun often wandered dhu18 tanga in the company of Ãcariya Sao, comforted in the knowledge that he had a good, experienced teacher to lend him support. But when he asked his teacher to advise him on specific problems arising in his meditation, Ãcariya Sao invariably replied: “My experiences in meditation are quite different from yours. Your citta is so adventurous, tending always toward extremes. One moment it soars into the sky, only to plunge deep into the earth the next.

Scared and chastened, they fled, never to return. Worse still, some who went up to the cave never came down again. Thus, the villagers worried about the fate that awaited Ãcariya Mun, not wanting him to become the next victim. Ãcariya Mun asked what they meant by saying that some monks went up there never to return: Why hadn’t they come down again? He was told that, having died there, they couldn’t possibly come back down. They recounted a story of four seemingly competent monks who had died in the cave not long before.

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