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In issuing this quantity of my Mathematical Puzzles, of which a few have seemed in periodicals and others are given right here for the 1st time, i have to recognize the encouragement that i've got obtained from many unknown correspondents, at domestic and overseas, who've expressed a wish to have the issues in a accumulated shape, with a number of the strategies given at better size than is feasible in magazines and newspapers.

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Five equals 10 divided by 2, or half of 10. The easy way to multiply by 5 is to multiply by 10 and halve the answer. Six is higher than 5 so we put the circle above. Four is lower than 5 so we put the circle below. Six is 1 higher than 5 and 4 is 1 lower, so we put 1 in each circle. We add or subtract crossways: 6−1=5 or 4+1=5 We multiply 5 by the reference number, which is also 5. To do this, we multiply by 10, which gives us 50, and then divide by 2, which gives us 25. Now we multiply the numbers in the circles: 1 × −1 = −1 Because the result is a negative number, we subtract it from our subtotal rather than add it: This is a long and complicated method for multiplying low numbers, but it shows we can make the method work with a little ingenuity.

Twenty-two would be 2 nines with 2 remainder for the 20 plus 2 more for the units digit. If you have 35¢ in your pocket and you want to buy as many lollies as you can for 9¢ each, each 10¢ will buy you one lolly with 1¢ change. So, 30¢ will buy you three lollies with 3¢ change, plus the extra 5¢ in your pocket gives you 8¢. So, the number of tens plus the units digit gives you the nines remainder. Secondly, think of a number and multiply it by 9. What is 4 × 9? The answer is 36. Add the digits in the answer together,3 + 6, and you get 9.

How did we work this out? ) Multiply the numbers in the circles, and add the result to our subtotal. 3 × 11 = 33 257,000 + 33 = 257,033 Let’s try one more. 989 × 994 = We use 1,000 as the reference number. Subtract crossways. 989 − 6 = 983 or 994 − 11 = 983 Multiply our answer by 1,000. 983 × 1,000 = 983,000 Multiply the numbers in the circles. Doubling and halving numbers To use 20 and 50 as reference numbers, we need to be able to double and halve numbers easily. Sometimes, like when you halve a two-digit number and the tens digit is odd, the calculation is not so easy.

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