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By Juanita Coulson

ISBN-10: 0373720203

ISBN-13: 9780373720200

O courageous New World…

“… A richly distinctive construction…” C J Cherryh

Ken Farrell has been paired with the easiest – and the toughest – mentor as a brand new Surveyman out of the Academy.

R.C. Zachary is a legend; one of many first Surveymen and a stickler for the foundations. difficult yet reasonable, R.C. snaps at an not worthy Ken after a gathering with most sensible brass, piquing the apprentice’s interest.

What occurred within the assembly that nearly brought on them to overlook their flight time? while R.C. has the two-man workforce drop by way of an unscheduled planet, Ken starts off to suspect that whatever is occurring.

Soon after a mysterious face warns Ken clear of the planet, their send is stuck in a really strong gravity good, sucking them down in the direction of the unusual planet.

After making it to the outside, thank you purely to R.C.’s mythical piloting talents, they quickly come upon an alien race, one who has develop into opposed because of a false impression. Ken connects with certainly one of them, Thayenta, and he works to appreciate the telepathic race at the same time their chief, Briv, proves to be tremendous aggressive.

Can he, Thayenta, and R.C. transparent the air?

Will there be peace among the 2 peoples?

In this exciting race opposed to time and clash, alien worlds are explored, human concerns addressed, and connection, the main easy intuition of all, is outfitted.

Space Trap is a gripping technology fiction trip from Juanita Coulson, liked writer of the Children of the Stars series.

Praise for Juanita Coulson:

“Coulson works on an immense canvas — occasionally nearly overwhelming. The characters are regularly memorable.” Marion Zimmer Bradley

Juanita Coulson is an American technological know-how fiction and fable author. She can be widely recognized in filk tune circles because the Fifties for her making a song and songwriting; she has gained a number of Pegasus Awards for her filking. For thirty-three years, she co-edited the technological know-how fiction fanzine Yandro together with her husband "Buck" (Robert Coulson). Yandro was once nominated for a Hugo Award each year from 1958-1967; it received the award in 1965, hence marking Coulson as one of many first actual girls to be so commemorated.

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There's only one way we're going to get to the bottom of this. Take the M'Nae up on it. C. reminded him. " Zachary turned to Briv and said formally, "We will present the M'Nae claim to these other humans. But how shall we go to them? We don't know where we are. You have captured us and brought us to this place in the mist. Our ship has been destroyed, and all our equipment…" Destroyed by telepathic overload? Ken wondered. If Briv could bring him and the captain to the ground with those telepathic claws and materialize objects out of nothing, he could probably burn the supposedly non-flammable, non-explosive wiring inside a ship's bulkheads.

He waited for that to soak in, then pointed to the woman. She didn't say anything. Instead she got to her feet and walked around him at a leisurely pace. Was she looking for a weak spot in his mental armor? He had plenty of those! Finally she stopped and knelt down in front of him again, waiting expectantly. Ken was frustrated. What was he supposed to do? Apparently the aliens followed a particular ritual, and she'd done her part in circumnavigating him. Sighing, Ken got up, duplicated her circling routine, came back to where he'd been, and sat down facing her.

All right. We've learned they can teleport objects, range and size limitations unknown to us as yet. " "Their matter transmitter terminal," Ken offered. C. mulled that over for a moment, then nodded. " the older man asked. " "Or any other technology, as we know technology," Ken said. C. and Ken stared at each other, and the pilot cracked out a rare, incredulous grin. " Ken leaned forward and spoke earnestly. "Maybe we're beyond theirs, Captain. Thayenta projected her image out to me in space, warning us to get away before we were trapped in their gravity field.

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