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By Arthur Eddington

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What's GEOMETRY? a talk among- An experimental PHYSICIST. A natural MATHEMATICIAN. A RELATIVIST who advocates the more moderen conceptions of time and house in physice. Rel. there's a recognized proposition of Euclid which states that "Any aspects of a triangle are jointly more than the 3rd side." Can both of you inform me even if these days there's reliable cause to think that this proposition is correct? Math. in my opinion, i'm rather not able to assert no matter if the proposition is correct or no longer. i will deduce it by way of reliable reasoning from sure different propositions or axioms, that are purported to be nonetheless extra user-friendly. If those axioms are real, the proposition is correct; if the axioms will not be real, the proposition isn't real universally. even if the axioms are real or no longer i can't say, and it truly is outdoor my province to think about. Phys. yet is it no longer claimed that the reality or those axioms is self-evident? Math. they're not at all self-evirlent to
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ECLIPSE tools AT SOBRAL ?; PROLOGUE; what's GEOMETRY?; bankruptcy I; THE FITZGERALD CONTRACTION ?; bankruptcy II; RELATIVITY; bankruptcy III; the realm of 4 DIMENSIONS; bankruptcy IV; FIELDS OF strength ?; bankruptcy V; varieties of area; bankruptcy VI; the hot legislation OF GRAVITATION AND THE; l;'rontispiece; web page; 1; 17; 30; forty five; sixty three; seventy seven; outdated legislations ninety three; bankruptcy VII; WEIGHING gentle ? no; bankruptcy VIII; different assessments OF the idea; bankruptcy IX; MOMENTUM and effort; bankruptcy X; in the direction of INFINITY; bankruptcy XI; electrical energy AND GRAVITATION; t:!HAPTER XII; at the NATURE of items; APPENDIX; MATlIE1(ATICAL NOTES; old be aware; ? ?; 123; 136; 152; 167; one hundred eighty; 202; 210
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Astronomers are not so unreasonable as to demand that all useful space activity cease for the sake of a pure, ``useless'' science: The IAU simply appeals to the governments of the world that such activities be regulated by international agreements, taking into account the needs of all humankind, including those of international science. An excellent precedent is set by the international treaty concerning the Antarctic continent - which is only apparently closer and more vulnerable than space. 4.

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Such a drain probably cannot be entirely prevented, but in most developed countries now, there is so much difficulty finding jobs for qualified nationals that visitors are much less likely to be offered positions than they were a few decades ago. Narlikar's proposal (Narlikar, 2001) for electronic networking would overcome many of the problems of isolation without creating any risk of a brain drain, but this, too, requires funding. On balance, the more programmes there are for exchanging astronomers, the better it will be for those countries wishing to develop their astronomy.

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