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By Robert A. Heinlein

This is the seminal novel of a tender man's schooling as a member of an elite, paternalistic non-military association of leaders devoted to holding human civilization, the sunlight Patrol, a provocative parallel to Heinlein's well-known later novel, Starship soldiers (which is ready the military).
Only the simplest and brightest--the most powerful and the main courageous--ever be able to turn into house Cadets, on the area Academy. they're in education to be come a part of the elite safeguard of the sun approach, accepting missions others worry, taking hazards no others dare, and upholding the peace of the sun process for the advantage of all.
But sooner than Matt Dodson can earn his rightful position within the ranks, his mettle is to be established within the such a lot critical and outstanding ways--ways that adjust him without end, from the midwestern American boy right into a guy of the sunlight Patrol.

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It was curiously upsetting to have no up-and-down; it made everything swim-he had trouble focusing his eyes. " The pilot un- Page 15 Heinlein, Robert A - Space Cadet clutched his gyros and cut in his processing flywheels. The ship turned end over end. By the time Matt worked his way to the control station, moving like a cautious and elderly monkey, the rocket was pointed toward Earth. Matt stared out at the surface, nearly a hundred miles below and still receding. The greens and browns seemed dark by contrast with the white dazzle of clouds.

Heinlein Published by Ballanfine Books: FARMER IN THE SKY TUNNEL IN THE SKY THE STAR BEAST THE ROLLING STONES HAVE SPACE SUIT-WILL TRAVEL ROCKET SHIP GALILEO RED PLANET STAR-MAN JONES BETWEEN PLANETS TIME FOR THE STARS CITIZEN OF THE GALAXY Space Cadet Robert f). Heinlein A Del Rey Book BALLANTINE BOOKS • NEW YORK For William Ivar Bacchus A Del Rey Book Published by Ballantine Books Copyright(c) 1948 by Robert A. Heinleia Copyright renewed 1975 by Robert A. Heinlein All rights reserved under International and Pan:American Copyright Conventions.

Maybe," Matt told him, "but I think we had better put it off. " "We had all better check in," agreed Jensen. " Armand reached for his bag. Oscar Jensen pushed him aside and picked it up with his own. " Armand protested, but Oscar ignored him. Jarman looked at Pierre. " he asked. "I noticed you looked kind of peaked. " Armand looked embarrassed. "He's not sick and hell pass the exams," Jensen said firmly. " "Sho', sho'," Tex agreed. They followed the crowd and found a notice which told all candidates to report to room 3108, third corridor.

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