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But their unconscious minds did not agree. 1 j 50 Sorcery Because it is so often a source of anxiety, one would ruefully expect sexual functioning to be a favorite target of psychosomatic nastiness. And so it is. Menstrual problems are generally psychosomatic, as are frigidity, impotence, and so many others that we can be surprised at the birth rate - if not the divorce ·rate. Men have fewer sexual functions to disrupt than womenj but those they have the psyche strikes with a vengeance. Impotence is psychogenie 95 percent of the time, and certainly most men who have survived adolescence know the devilry in a restive mind.

Deprived of their accustomed psychosomatic release, miscarriage, their minds caved in. These women consciously wante

But it is one of the most mysterious of all psychological phenomena and unquestionably one of the most important. Without it we would stiH be unclad troglodytes with only chance caves for shelter. Creativity is one of those elusive, capricious human abilities that certainly ex:ists as footprints on the moon affirm, but it is untamed and whimsica~ , and cannot be commanded. ~ , is the main characteristic of creative work. And it resembles the flash of understanding that mak:es a joke funny. A sudden laugh is a minor creative act.

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